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2022Exacte Labs quality management system is certified for compliance with the ISO 17025 international standard (in the Russian accreditation system GOST R ISO/IEC 17025).
2021Exacte Labs will celebrate its first ten-year anniversary.
2019Two new mass-spectrometers were purchased, including the first Sciex 5500+ QTRAP in Russia. Equipment for routine clinical tests was installed. The division of clinical tests for clinical trials (central lab) was founded. Spin-off company offering metrology and calibration services was launched.

Exacte Labs Quality management system was certified for for GOST 33044-2014 and GLP.


Exacte Labs Quality management system was certified for ISO 9001:2015. A new department of clinical laboratory diagnostics was launched. New tandem mass-spectrometer Shimadzu 8050 was installed.

2016Veterinary tests were allocated to separate company “Anytest”. Veterinary laboratory Zoetis was bought by Exacte Labs.

A large number of laboratory equipment was purchased, including the Shimadzu 8040 tandem mass spectrometer. The drug quality control division was launched. Laboratory areas expanded to 600 sq.m.

2013Exacte Labs became the resident of “TechnoPark Slava” rented and equiped a new laboratory with an area of 200 sq.m. Sciex 4500 tandem mass spectrometer was purchased.
2011 Exacte Labs foundation. The first contract with big pharma company was signed.
The first projects are carried out on the basis of the ChemRar Center The first Sciex 5500 TRAP mass spectrometer was purchased.