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Presentation by Dmitry Grebenkin at the conference "Dialogues on Clinical Trials"23 october 2023Exacte Labs - participant of the conference "Cosmetics Industry: Looking into the Future"05 october 2023An employee of Exacte Labs took part in the roundtable discussion07 september 2023Exacte Labs employees at the conference "Topical issues of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in children and adolescents"11 april 2023Exacte Labs employees to speak at IPhEB 2023 international business forum24 march 2023New scientific publication with the participation of Exacte Labs employees07 march 2023A new scientific publication: "Pharmacokinetic and Bioequivalence Study of the Two-component Drug Product "Ezetimibe + rosuvastatin" co-authored by Dmitry Grebenkin, Anastasia Ryabova, Adilya02 march 2023Anton Lobov and Polina Ivanova took part in a conference on immunology and allergology at the I.I. Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera20 february 2023Dmitry Grebenkin will be a speaker at a press conference on the latest achievements of Russian scientists in the field of pharmacology and biotechnology15 february 2023Seminar for Masters in the "Innovation Management" Program of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University06 february 2023MSU Department of Chemistry and ChromsystemsLab and Exacte Labs have agreed on close cooperation09 january 2023Exacte Labs 2022 Results27 december 2022Wish you the happiest holidays23 december 2022Interferon status in humans. Problems of standardization of research and establishment of reference values" by Anton Lobov12 december 2022A new scientific publication: "Assessing how residual errors of scoring functions correlate with ligand structural features" co-authored by Nikita Ivanov05 december 2022Exacte Labs quality management system is certified to the GOST ISO/IEC 17025 standard24 november 2022Exacte Labs Analytical Center's 11th Anniversary!19 september 2022A new scientific publication with the participation of Exacte Labs laboratory staff05 august 2022Polina Gremyakova's presentation at the third annual GLP-PLANET conference04 july 2022Exacte Labs participated in the COREX Academy business event24 june 2022Employees of the laboratory Exacte Labs participated in a scientific publication23 may 2022Exacte Labs' management team there have been changes20 may 2022International Day of Nursing12 may 2022International Day of Laboratory Diagnostics Specialist!15 april 2022A new scientific publication involving Exacte Labs11 april 2022A new scientific publication from Exacte Labs' project manager24 march 2022Exacte Labs research successfully passed the external independent quality assessment22 february 2022Generium and Exacte Labs conduct clinical trials of COVID-vaccine17 february 2022Results of scientific work presented at GI ASCO 202207 february 2022Memorandum of cooperation between Exact Labs and Qiagen RUS26 november 2020New equipment20 november 2019Signing a loan agreement with the Moscow Fund for Industrial and Enterprise Support03 october 2019New publications19 september 2019