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Clinical and diagnostic studies

Laboratory Center Exacte Labs provides the services of a central laboratory as part of Clinical Trials. We work in accordance with GCP and GCLP standards. We are willing to undertake the execution of projects of any complexity and to offer the optimal cooperation

Clinical laboratory diagnostics - a wide range of tests performed both on our own base and by approved outsourcers. We are ready to perform a rare test by the request.


Technological Opportunities


Molecular diagnostics, PCR


Cellular work, including cryopreservation and T-cell immunity

Interferon status

Biochemical and immunochemical tests

General clinical tests: hematology, hand microscopy, urinalysis, coagulogram

Rare diagnostic tests: EPR test, tuberculosis diagnosis

Laboratory Kits building:
  • Project-specific laboratory kits formed in accordance with the GCLP requirements and taking into account the Customer’s requirements


From approved vendors throughout Russia
Our own courier services in Moscow

Project Management

Customer support at all stages of project

Ongoing contact with the Research Center

Preparation of all necessary documentation from the central laboratory for the researcher's file

Other services

Storage of biomaterial at the required temperature
Unloading of the Database in the agreed format
Sample preparation with further shipment of biomaterial 


Readiness for audits of Russian and foreign customers

Work on risks prevention

QMS in accordance with ISO 9001 License, certificates, personnel training


Head of Department Ekaterina Pogodina