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Exacte Labs Analytical Center's 11th Anniversary!

Exacte Labs today is:

- 50 market experts, including 6 PhDs, graduates of leading Russian universities.
- Every year, our staff produces more than 20 scientific publications in well-known Russian and foreign trade journals.
- The biggest equipment park in Russia: 18 mass-spectrometers which allow the high accuracy determination of low molecular weight compounds in biological samples.
- More than 300 developed and validated bioanalytical methods
- More than 500 bioequivalence and pharmacokinetic studies
- Digital Laboratory: digitalization of all customer solutions
- More than 50 Central Laboratory projects in clinical study protocols
- More than 100 tests on the clinical diagnostic laboratory menu
- 400,000 tests performed in the history of Clinical Diagnostic Tests Department
- International business events for pharmaceutical market experts. The nearest event - International Pharmaceutical Forum "Knowledge that is not in the network" will be held October 6-7 in Astrakhan.
We, as always, do not rest on our laurels, and are preparing to conquer new and new heights!

We offer our clients, the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia and worldwide, the best service and expertise in clinical trials, bioequivalence studies, pharmacokinetics and laboratory diagnostics (routine and rare diagnostic tests).

Exacte Labs can be justifiably proud of its history, results and, of course, its professional team!

19 september 2022