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Exacte Labs - participant of the conference "Cosmetics Industry: Looking into the Future"

On October 10, 2023 within the scientific program of the XXVIII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Cosmetic Industry: a look into the future", in the section "Current proposals on raw materials for the production of perfumes and cosmetics" will be the head of bioanalytical department of Exacte Labs, Ayyna Nikiforova.
She will present a report on "Clinical and laboratory testing in the development and promotion of perfumes and cosmetics". The presentation is presented by partner companies: Exacte Labs LLC and Ligand Research LLC, the structural unit of which is the Medical Research Center "CoMed".

Cosmetic products belong to the sphere of mandatory certification, which is regulated by the technical regulation "On the safety of perfume and cosmetic products" TR TS 009/2011.

In addition to the requirements to the composition, physicochemical, toxicological and other indicators, safety is also confirmed by clinical and clinical-laboratory studies of products.

Nowadays more and more emphasis among manufacturers is placed on the quality of their products.

The presentation will show the role of laboratory studies of product composition by Exacte Labs analytical center, as well as the role of tests related to clinical, diagnostic and consumer characteristics of cosmetics and wellness methods, and demonstrate the capabilities of CoMed Medical Research Center. This will include an overview of the concept of product validation at the stage of formulation development and clinical trials as an effective mechanism for product promotion.

Exacta Labs will also take part in the exhibition held as part of the conference. From October 10 to 12 at the booth you will be able to get acquainted with the list of tests for dietary supplements and cosmetic products offered by Exacte Labs analytical center.

5 october 2023