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Exacte Labs research successfully passed the external independent quality assessment

Research Center Exacte Labs has passed the regular annual independent accreditation by the ICT FSVOK-2021. According to the results of the external quality evaluation, the programs of interlaboratory.

Comparison tests for a series of tests:

- "Detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 virus".

- "General blood biochemical parameters (11+)".

- "Urinalysis basic".

- "Hemocytometry 5 diff (Abbott)".

- "Hemostasis indices: Coagulology-1".

- "Detection of antibodies to Treponema pallidum by ELISA, RIF, IHL, ICG methods".

- "HBsAg detection".

- "Detection of antibodies to HCV".

- "Detection of diagnostic markers of HIV-1, 2 (for screening laboratories)".


ICT "FSVOK" - an association of specialists, a non-profit partnership "Center for External Quality Control of Clinical Laboratory Investigations" - conducts an external quality assessment of clinical laboratory tests.

Participation in ICT confirms the high quality of the production process, guarantees the correctness of the results, and thus demonstrates the effectiveness of the laboratory.


You can read the Certificate from the Association of Specialists of the Non-Commercial Partnership "Center for External Quality Control of Clinical Laboratory Investigations" (ASNP "CEQC") by following this link.

22 february 2022