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Exacte Labs 2022 Results

We sum up the results of the year 2022 at Exacte Labs think tank.
We are pleased to announce the main results of the year:

  • The team grew to 60 employees
  • 8 scientific publications by our experts were released
  • We participated in 6 events
  • We performed over 120 bioequivalence studies
  • During the year we validated over 60 bioanalytical methods
  • 10.000 patients were evaluated in Clinical Trials in Central Laboratory (CDL)
  • Nearly 11 million studies were performed in the clinical diagnostic laboratory
  • We have performed more than 30 studies in the Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory
  • Passed more than 30 audits including 2 in English
  • Accredited according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and international standard ISO 17025 (in the Russian accreditation system GOST ISO/IEC 17025)
27 december 2022