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A new scientific publication involving Exacte Labs employees

We invite you to read the new scientific article "Pharmacokinetic and Bioequivalence Study of the Two-component Drug Product "Ezetimibe + rosuvastatin" (JSC "Sanofi-aventis group", Russia): Resuts and Experience with the Use of Enzymatic Hydrolysis in the Analysis of Samples" co-authored by employees of Analytical Center Exacte Labs - Dmitry Grebenkin, Anastasia Ryabova, Adilya Kuramshina, Ivan Kislyakov and Evgenia Zhukova.

The article was published in the scientific and peer-reviewed journal Drug development & registration.

Within the framework of the comparative estimation of the quality of drugs presented on the Russian market the study of the test of comparative dissolution kinetics (TDCS) and the index of homogeneity of tablet doses (using the division according to the factory risks applied to tablets) for seven trade names of drugs with the INN "captopril" of different manufacturers was conducted.

The full text of the publication can be found here.

2 march 2023