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MSU Department of Chemistry and ChromsystemsLab and Exacte Labs have agreed on close cooperation

The MSU Department of Chemistry signed agreements on cooperation with major Russian companies: ChromsystemsLab, a leader in laboratory diagnostics of metabolism using chromatography methods, and Exacte Labs, a leader in bioequivalence studies, pharmacokinetics of drugs, and biotechnological drug studies. Both companies are part of the Chromolab Group.

The agreements involve joint scientific and educational projects. In particular, the companies are ready to accept chemistry department students for internships, work placements and provide them with opportunities for graduate work.

"The Faculty of Chemistry at MSU has two components," noted Acting Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at MSU, Dr. Sergey Karlov, after the signing. - The first is educational, in which we actively cooperate with as many partners as possible. The faculty supports internships, work placements, and graduate work at partner organizations and actively promotes the employment of its students. More to the point: For me, for example, the best advertising for an educational organization is the jobs and salaries of its graduates. And since the department can accept no more than a third of its graduates into graduate programs, it is our priority to give everyone the opportunity to find a place of their own and according to their needs.

Speaking about the second component, scientific, the acting dean noted that the faculty solves a huge number of non-standard problems in a variety of fields, including analytical chemistry of biological objects and pharmaceuticals, so the potential for joint projects is very large.

"We serve as a laboratory base, for the very personalized medicine that a lot is talking about now, because without accurate analyses, without understanding what's going on in the human body, no personalized medicine is possible. We look at the human cell's energy metabolism at the mitochondrial level, making it possible to assess the body's internal resources," said Pavel Glagovsky, Managing Partner of Chromolab Group of Companies and General Director of ChromsystemsLab. - Carrying out research, we are constantly facing non-trivial tasks, which require new techniques, reagents, sorbents, and, most importantly, an unconventional approach.

Head of gas chromatography laboratory Anna Kukushkina noted that "the level of laboratory equipment allows us to conduct diagnostics by chromatography-mass spectrometry method for personalized assessment of human health. Chromsystemslab's unique laboratory diagnostic methods allow physicians to examine patients, including those with autism and childhood development delays, and achieve treatment success."

Aiyyna Nikiforova, Pavel Sobolev, Dmitry Grebenkin, the heads of bioanalytics, pharmanalysis and biotechnological products also spoke about non-trivial tasks that analysts face: "When performing registration and other types of research, we sometimes face absolutely amazing tasks, which require deep fundamental training in analytical chemistry, breadth of vision, and the ability to work with the instruments.

Andrei Diadiura, General Director of Exacte Labs: "While ChromsystemsLab clients are the leading Russian clinics, doctors engaged in high-tech screening, and scientific institutions, Exacte Labs' clients are major Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract research organizations, as well as international pharmaceutical companies. The Chromolab Group already has 14 former students of the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University among its employees. Graduates of MSU Chemistry Department Anna Kukushkina, Pavel Sobolev, and Aiyyna Nikiforova have gone through several years of work at the Group of Companies from the most junior positions to heads of departments and industry experts. We expect that our cooperation will attract new students, who will then choose our companies as a place of work and will be able to realize all their professional and career goals".

As the parties noted, the agreement was concluded after a number of joint projects, which showed the fruitfulness of cooperation. Last year in the laboratories of GC "Chromolab" students of the Chemical Department of Moscow State University performed the experimental part of two diploma projects.

Students can contact Dr. Igor Alexandrovich Rodin, Deputy Dean for Scientific and Innovative Work of the Faculty of Chemistry at Moscow State University, about the internship at the companies.

Photo: Sophia Shechtman/Press Service of the Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State University

9 january 2023