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Seminar for Masters in the "Innovation Management" Program of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University

Exacte Labs priority is openness and building a strong talent pool for the company. Analytical Center is happy to accept students for internships and share practical experience in the format of seminars.

On February 3, 2023, Exacte Labs held an Innovation Management seminar for masters students of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Economics.

Pavel Sobolev, head of the Bioanalytics Laboratory, and Sofia Denkina, head of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory, led a tour of the Exacte Labs Analytical Center laboratory complex. As part of the tour, guests viewed the latest equipment, learned about clinical trials, drug research, the path a biological sample takes in the laboratory, production processes and solutions in company management.

During the second excursion students got acquainted with technologies of preventive diagnostics of scientific-laboratory complex Chromolab where the head of HPLC group Klim Leonov and analytical chemist Elizaveta Uglova introduced guests with chromatography-mass spectrometry method, with the park of equipment, with features of sample preparation for high precision medical research.

Andrei Diadiura, CEO of Exacte Labs, and Alexandra Faeva, acting Development Director, shared with the students information about the innovative approach to project management in the pharmaceutical industry, which is applied in the company, and in the second part of the seminar they talked about the corporate culture and the current system of adaptation of new employees.

At the seminar graduate students asked questions, were active and involved.

We hope that the experience of our company will be useful and applicable in practice for future managers - graduates of the master's program "Innovation Management" of MSU!

6 february 2023